Who I am..

I am a tenured Lecturer in Cognitive Science, at the University of Reading, UK, affiliated to the School of Systems Engineering and the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics. My group and part of the Brain Embodiment Laboratory.

Before starting in Reading as a Lecturer, I was a postdoctoral Research Assistant at Goldsmiths Univ. London, where I developed a theoretical framework for information processing based on interaction, as an alternative to computationalism. Before that, I was the recipient of a Fellowship for Prospective Researchers, awarded by Swiss National Science Foundation, which I used to join Prof. Murray Shanahan's Cognitive Robotics group at Imperial College London. During this time, I contributed to the development of NeMo, a modelling platform for spiking neurons using GPUs.

I completed my doctoral studies at the Swiss Centre for Affective Sciences, at the University of Geneva, under the supervision of Prof. Klaus Scherer and Prof. David Sander. My research aimed at characterizing the unfolding of attentional resources to the processing of emotion-laden information. I employed a number of experimental paradigms, including the modulation of the attentional blink, and tailored psychophysical paradigms to assess the minimum display duration necessary to make a correct gender decision on emotional faces.

Before my doctoral studies, I was an RA in Prof. Diego Pizzagalli's Affective Neuroscience Lab, at Harvard University. And before that, I completed studies in cognitive science (BSc, MSc), and computer science (BSc).

I am an elected committee member for the Society for Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour, and the editor of the AISB Quaterly. I have also served as an external examiner for the Univ. of Plymouth (UK).

I have been reviewing for: Advances in Human-Computer Interaction • Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour Quaterly (AISB-Q) • Behavioral and Brain Sciences • Biological Psychology • Brain Sciences • Cambridge Univ. Press • Cognitive Computation • Cognition & Emotion • Cognitive Science (journal and Program Committee of the conference) • EPJ Nonlinear Biomedical Physics • Emotion • Frontiers in Psychopathology • IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications • International Journal for Human-Computer Studies • International Journal of Internet Science • International Journal of Psychophysiology • Journal of Multimodal User Interfaces • Neurocomputing • New Ideas in Psychology • IEEE Transactions in Biomedical Engineering • IEEE Transactions in Affective Computing • Künstliche Intelligence • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B (Biology) • Philosophy & Technology • Philosophical Psychology • PlosONE • Oxford Univ. Press.

I am an evaluator for the following funding remits: Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR; French National Council for Research) • Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC; U.K. funding body) • European Research Council (FP7) • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC; U.K. funding body) • EC H2020 Future Emerging Technologies • Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng; U.K. funding body).

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