2010 – present @ University of Reading, UK

  • "fMRI Analysis" (PYM0FM). MSc and PhD levels, 20 ECTS.
  • "EEG: acquisition and analysis", MSc and PhD levels (guest lecture).
  • "Neuroscience of attention and emotion", MSc and PhD levels (guest lecture).
  • Co-advisor (with Dr. Slawomir Nasuto, School of Systems Engineering) of
    • Mr. Paul Wright, PhD candidate. Topic:Visual attention in driving situations.
    • Mr. Balasundaram Kadrively, PhD candidate. Topic:Application of biologically plausible neuron models to the study of spontaneous activity in neural cultures.
  • Co-advisor (with Dr. Christopher Peters, Faculty of Engineering and Computing, Coventry) of Mr. Szymon Fialek, PhD candidate. Topic: Psychophysics of attention.
  • Co-advisor (with Dr. Carien van Reekum, School of Psychology) of Mrs. Jayne Morriss, MSc candidate. Topic: Emotion reactivity and recovery: an EEG study.
  • Co-advisor (with Dr. Bhismadev Chakrabarti, School of Psychology) of 8 BSc students, on topics about psychophysics, emotion and facial expression.

2010 @ Dept. of Philosophy, Westminster Institute of Education, Oxford Brookes University

  • "Principles of Brain Functioning" (P70702), MA in Mind, Brain & Learning, 20 ECTS.

2004 – 2007 @ Dept. Psychology, University of Geneva, Switzerland

  • "Advanced seminars in Affective Sciences" (751030).  MSc and PhD levels, 15 ECTS.
  • "Emotions differentiation: Individual and contextual determinants" (751000). MSc and PhD levels, 15 ECTS.
  • "Advanced seminars in Affective Sciences" (751030). BSc level, 6 ECTS.
  • "Interactive seminars in Affective Sciences" (72171). BSc level, 6 ECTS.
  • "Emotion Psychology" (71133). BSc level, 6 ECTS.
  • Co-advisor (with Prof. Klaus Scherer & Dr. David Sander) of
    • Mrs. Doerte Jasen, MSc: Passed. Topic: Attention grabbing of facial features.
    • Mr. Christian Mumenthaler, BSc: Passed Hons. Topic: Psychophysics of face perception.
    • Mrs. Micaela Salgarella, BSc: Passed. Topic: Anxiety in the perception of faces.