CHAI (2021-24) is a £2.4M project funded by the UK Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council. It is an interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers from the University of Greenwich (Coordinator), the University of Bristol, Queen Mary University, University College London, and the University of Reading, in partnership with Housing Technology and Bob’s Business.

Smart technology in the home brings convenience, there is no denying it: from reversing Climate Change by being energy efficient to saving pennies on bills. Unfortunately, it also creates unprecedented situations for users who need to manage a growing set of devices; devices that are making increasingly personal decisions on our behalf. Understanding cyber security risks, knowing how to recognise and respond to red flags should be as simple as brushing our teeth three times a day!

In CHAI, we aim to empower and train users to understand and secure the way they use smart devices. We analyse sources of cyber security risks in mainstream devices, understand how users behave, and formulate recommendations to create smart technology that is self-explanatory.

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